W.D. Gann

Spunky WD2


The Boy Wizard

“Learn to work hard and study.
The more you study, the greater your success will be.
Knowledge is the greatest thing you can have.
It is better than money in the bank. You can never lose
knowledge and no one can steal it from you; therefore,
get all the knowledge you possibly can.”

Did you know that legendary trader W.D. Gann was an astrologer?

In 1914, he was a member of The Astrological Society, Inc N.Y. with Sepharial, George Llewellyn, Frank C Higgins and had associations with Edward Johndro, Luther Jensen and CC Zain. Gann also published a list of recommended books he had for sale – topics included Numerology, Astrology, the Tarot and other esoteric titles such as the Oracles of Nostradamus. In his coded novel The Tunnel Thru the Air he wrote about mediums, clairvoyants and even Atlantis! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes and The Lost World, is also mentioned, as he was a prominent researcher of Spiritualism in the 1920’s, traveling the world investigating reports of supernatural spirit phenomena.

Do you find it incredulous and hard to fathom like most traders I meet?

Newspaper articles in the 1920’s called W.D. Gann a prophet and a mathematical seer. “Mr Gann has made noteworthy prognostications of the markets which proved to be true in the course of time. His calculations are based on Letters, Numbers and Astrology.” Journal of Commerce, 1921.

“Mr Gann gets calls every day from men and women prominent in all walks of life asking him to cast their horoscope. He tells politicians whether or not they will be elected and solves other problems for clergymen, bankers and statesmen.” The Evening Telegram 1923.

He also cast horoscopes for commodities, one example is his horoscope for Coffee.

In the foreword of The Tunnel Thru the Air (TTTA), Gann tells you it contains a mysterious and valuable secret, clothed in veiled language. What could this be? I have found, like many others that the study of Gann not only teaches you how to Master the Markets, it opens your mind to the Metaphysical laws beyond our ordinary perception like his Law of Vibration and hidden secrets in Sacred Geometry.

In his later years, we know from some private letters, Gann did disclose his astrological methods to a select few of his private students, especially on trading commodities like Soy Beans, Cotton and Coffee. Astrological symbols are scattered on many of Gann’s trading charts and workings. Gann also constructed his own graphic ephemeris to trace planetary movement along the zodiac, which he called The Path of Planets. Amazingly, he used planetary longitude and aspects to give him price levels!

It has been said that to truly understand the secrets and symbolism in TTTA you need not only to be an astrologer but also a high degree Mason like Gann. In this regard, my research reveals that Masonic rituals stem from ancient Egypt and the Temples of Initiation. We know that Pythagoras was initiated into the Egyptian mysteries and taught the secrets by the High Priests. Gann made trips to both Egypt and India in search of ancient texts where he found the Square of Nine, an ancient system of both Time and Number also referred to as The Pythagorean Cube and the foundation of ancient Numerology.

Why did W.D. Gann call the Holy Bible the BOOK of all books?

From TTTA Pg. 172 “ Robert was a great believer in Astrology because he had found this great science referred to so many times in the Holy Bible. He had made notes as he read the Bible at different times where it referred to Astrology or the signs in the heavens and was thoroughly convinced that the influence of the heavenly bodies govern our lives.”

Pg 175. “Robert knew that the Bible was replete with references that the heavens ruled. He had read where it said: ‘Discern the end from the beginning, where Jesus said, “I will judge you in the place of your nativity.”

“Every movement in the market is the result of a natural law and of a cause which exists long before the effect takes place and can be determined years in advance. The Future is but a repetition of the past, as the Bible plainly states: The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done, is that which shall be done, and there is no new thing under the sun.” Eccl.1.9.

Therefore, if you’ve always wanted to explore the esoteric side of W.D. Gann and not known where to start, Astrology for Gann Traders offers a unique gateway to set you on the path of understanding. Astrology is a science of prophetic universal laws. As you can see, Gann called it the greatest science however it can take many years to understand and apply.

My intention is to immerse you in the Sacred Science of Astrology so that you can discern the future and prosper with foreknowledge. Gain the insights and techniques used not only by Gann, but also those of other Financial Astrologers like Sepharial, Luther Jensen and George Bayer.

It is often said that Knowledge is power, however, I truly believe that Foreknowledge is empowerment.

In The Tunnel Thru the Air on page 78, Gann wrote ,” IT IS NOT MY AIM TO EXPLAIN THE CAUSE OF CYCLES. The general public is not yet ready for it and probably would not understand or believe it if I explained it.”

That was 83 years ago, almost a Uranus cycle and time for change and awakening—are you ready NOW!

His Life and Mastery

W.D. Gann died at 3.20pm on the 18th June 1955 only 12 days after his 77th Birthday. He was buried with his second wife Sadie in the Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn overlooking Wall Street.
Looking back, as Gann always instructed, his remarkable life was full of many trials and tribulations. What he accomplished in one lifetime through sheer determination and devotion, was a feat beyond an ordinary man – for W.D. Gann was no ordinary man, he was the boy Wizard of Wall St and later a Supreme Commander ( 33 degree Mason).

Born on the 6th June 1878 Lufkin, Texas (Chart 1) in the sign of Gemini and in the true spirit of a Mercurial child, William started working as a news butcher on a train selling newspapers and food at the young age of 13. His family was very poor and as the eldest of eleven children, he grew up very quickly working hard on the family farm and in the cotton warehouses- where he was exposed to commodity trading.

By his second Jupiter return at age 24, he was a husband to Rena May Smith and a father to Nora. A year later he moved his family to New York City where he worked for a Wall St Brokerage until 1908, later opening his own brokerage firm, W.D. Gann & Co, age 30.

There was no stopping W.D. Gann, even when he incurred great losses through Bank failures in November 1907. In the Wall St Stock Selector under the caption “When a Man’s Trend Changes ” Gann wrote about these losses by bucking his own trend. To quote him, ” I was trading in a period which should have been for rest, recreation and gaining of knowledge.” Astrologically, at 29 years of age, Gann was under the adverse influences of a Saturn return. This was also around the same time that he divorced his first wife and married his second, Sadie in 1908.

According to Gann, on the 8th August 1908, he made the greatest mathematical discoveries for predicting the trend of the stocks and commodities. He was 30 years of age.

In 1909 he gained public attention through the Ticker Tape interviews where he made astounding trades and forecasts under the observation of Richard Wykoff, editor of the Ticker and Investment Digest. This was the first time Gann mentioned the Law of Vibration and his Master Time Factor which allowed him to forecast time cycles and price levels on any time frame.

From this point onwards, Gann began building his own business by writing books and numerous newsletters like his famous Supply and Demand that included annual forecasts for stocks and commodities.

His most remarkable Forecast was made November 1928 when Gann issued his an Annual Forecast for 1929 predicting the end of the great bull market in stocks for September 3, 1929 and the greatest panic in history to follow. He advised his clients to sell short and pyramid all the way down. W.D. Gann prospered during the Depression , which he predicted would end in 1932.

His Books in published order.
1910 Speculation a Profitable Profession
1923 Truth of the Stock Tape
1927 The Tunnel Thru the Air
1930 Wall Street Stock Selector
1936 New Stock Trend Detector
1937 How to Make Profits Trading in Puts and Calls
1940 Face Facts America
1941 How to Make Profits in Commodities
1949 45 Years in Wall Street
1950 The Magic Word
1951 New edition How to Make Profits Trading in Commodities
Plus he had his Stock Market and Commoditiy Courses

In his natal chart, Gann has a stellium (3 or more planets grouped together) in the fixed and persistant sign of Taurus clustered in the natural 9th House of Publishing and Travel. Gann bought his first plane called the Lone Star in 1932, a five passenger Stinson Reliant to make “flying-forecasting” tours of the cotton and wheat belts. He hired the famous aviatrix Elinor Smith as his pilot, their arrangement lasting 19 years. Another airplane he purchased in July 1936 called the Silver Star, was a special built all-metal airplane. In his later years, he’d fly to Cuba to play the Cuban lottery and place bets on the horse racing using a unique system of Astro-Numerology.

At the height of his business, Gann employed up to 35 people to hand chart and study the markets, including Canadian astrologer Edward Jonndro . At age 76, he made so much money trading Coffee and Soy Beans, that he called his new high speed cruising boat The Coffee Bean.

Gann’s exhaustive study of Natural Cosmic Law and its influence on Speculative Markets has indeed inspired a whole generation of Traders seeking to gain even just a hint of insight from the Master himself.