Donald’s Trumps Hard Transits for 2017


More about Trump and the Solar Eclipse on the 21st august 2017


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Earthquake Indicator 2017


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Planetary Energy January 2017


For more information about planetary energy for 2017, see my OM’s Planetary Watch

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SuperMoon 14th December

Another Full Moon SuperMoon is on the horizon on the
14th December.
The last one, which was a Super SuperMoon on the 14th November, there were Earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand.

This time around the Full Moon mapped shows New Zealand once again in the spotlight. See map below.

A SuperMoon, coined by Astrologer Richard Nolle is when the Moon is at its closest perigee (closest to the earth) within 1 day of either a Full Moon or New Moon.
The magnetic pull on the earth is greater and therefore puts more pressure on the tectonic plates resulting in higher incidences of earthquakes and volcanoes etc.
Also, weather patterns become extreme.

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Olga Morales's photo.
Olga Morales's photo.


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Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017

More information in my OM’s Planetary Watch 2017

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Medusa and the Supermoon

Some musings and observations. Astrology is all about symbolism.


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Cosmic Midpoints Maps (CMM) for the US Election : Hillary vs Trump.


To read more about the Cosmic Midpoint Map (CMM) see my website



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