Mars and Eclipses

An update on this mid eclipse season and moon wobble.

In my last video, I alerted you to some forthcoming dates that would be hot, dangerous and volatile between the 12th and 16th/17th August.

On the 12th August, Mars the planet of war and aggression triggered the Lunar Eclipse degree. This was the exact day of the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On the 17th August, when the Sun conjoined the North Lunar Node, we heard of the Terrorists attacks in Barcelona.

The markets are RED today.

Watch my video for more significant forthcoming dates:


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1335 Days

“Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.” Daniel 12:12

In his private ephemeris W.D. Gann noted that on 2nd August 1945 was 1335 days from the attack on Pearl Harbor.

4 days later the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.

Then on the August the 9th, a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

Japanese planes also attacked American bases in the Philippines, and on the Guam and Wake Islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

Japan surrendered on the 15th August 1945

That is 72 years ago.

Watch more in my Video

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The two Great Eclipses

Learn how the Lunar and Solar Eclipse in August 2017 are related to Gann’s coded novel, ‘The Tunnel Thru the Air” (TTTA).

Watch more about Solar Eclipse on 21st August

Solar Eclipse 21st August 2017

For my workshop details:

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July Planetary Peak

18th July is a high intensity day.

Lots of focus on the World Axis with 8th Harmonic Intensity.

18th July 2017

18th July 2017 2


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Forecasting Planetary Cluster Dates

Gold Dates 2017HSI cluster 2017How is it possible for planets to give us Time and Price?

That is the enigma of Gann Astro-Trading!

This is one of my favourite Gann quotes

Time Price Gann

Over the 12 years that I’ve been studying and applying Gann’s techniques,

I’m always amazed at how it can possibly work.

I developed my OM’s Harmonic Indicator in 2005 using what I had gained from Gann

and what I already understood regarding planetary harmonics.

I published these dates for Gold and HSI¬†before Jan 2017 using OM’s Harmonic Indicator.

Keep an eye out for the 29th May.

If you don’t know why please cast a chart.

An Important price level will create resistance.

If you can tell me, please write to me and make me happy!

I’ll be teaching how to calculate these dates and Price levels

at my Hong Kong Workshop on 10th June 2017.

please contact Teresa Wong for more details.

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Beware who you Trust!

wolf1Wolf2Wolf3wolf4wolf5wolf10wolf11wolf6wolf 7wolf8wolf 9

All this information and charts are available in my OM’s Planetary Watch that I published in January 2017.

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Gann’s Seasonal Dates

SE2017 1SE2017 2SE2017 3SE2017 4

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