Peak in Earthquake Indicator

The highest planetary peak for a major earthquake for 2017 occurs on the

22nd December.



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70 years

JerusalemTrump picked such an ominous day to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel. The astrological transits for the next 12 months forecast many dark and threatening clouds on the horizon.

It does not speak of peace.

This will rattle the markets and the world at large.
The chart above shows the peak times of intensity.



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OM’s Planetary Cluster dates

OMS 2017 reviewOMS 2017 review 2OMS 2017 review 3In preparation for 2018, I have posted my OM’s Planetary Cluster dates from 2017. This indicator reveals high energy days and often coincides with changes in trends and reversals. It is not a directional indicator. It can also be used as a weather indicator. The higher the peak, the more chance of freaky weather conditions.

The highest peak for the year was early December and overnight the S$P500 fell as much as 1.4 % or 45 points.

I’m working on 2018 in the next couple of weeks and it will also include my Yin/Yang indicator.


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Yin and Yang

Ying Yang Oct 2017Ying Yang Nov 2017According to the planetary alignments, some days have more Yin/Feminine/Negative energy and other days have more Yang/Masculine/Positive energy. Then, there are those days in-between when there’s a change over and the energy is neutral.

WD. Gann wrote, “In every law of nature there is a major and a minor; a positive, a negative and a neutral.”



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The Right Beginning


When using Gann’s Square of Nine, most use it as a price generator but it is also a timing device. If you have the correct beginning, you’ll have a future dates when to expect changes in trend. I have not included price levels on this chart but we will work on both during session 7, day 2 at my workshop in Brisbane 14th-15th October 2017.

This Square of Nine timing system can be applied to any Index, Stock, Commodity or Currency.

Learn more at my workshop


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High Impact 1st Quarter Moon

Bali 1Bali 2Bali 3

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Since my last post and video below on Mars and Eclipses,

I highlighted the next important date between the 3rd/4th September when Mars triggered the Solar Eclipse degree. I wrote in my post, email and in the video

Forthcoming dates
•       Donald Trump has his Mars return on the 31st August plus Saturn is triggering his Moon/Sun/Node. Extreme pressure on him.
•       3rd/4th September Mars triggers Solar Eclipse degree: more violence, aggressive attacks, natural disasters and a large earthquake.

As we’ve all now heard, North Korea has tested a H bomb which actually also triggered an earthquake.

Unfortunately, there is still more to come.

Mercury stations direct on the 5th September and will reignite the eclipse degree on the 7th/8th September.



As I also pointed out, this would trigger Trump’s Asc/Mars and would put him under extreme pressure.



If you recall from my videos and earlier posts I showed the geodetic solar maps for the Solar Eclipse, I’ve included a close-up below. You can clearly see that this is the zone under the planetary radar at the moment.



Mercury the messenger, will activate the zone all over again on the 7th/8th September depending on your location. For North Korea it will happen on the 8th Sept at 8.27 am, whereas for Washington, DC it will be the 7th Sept at 7.27 pm.



Keep alert and safe.




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