Since my last post and video below on Mars and Eclipses,

I highlighted the next important date between the 3rd/4th September when Mars triggered the Solar Eclipse degree. I wrote in my post, email and in the video

Forthcoming dates
•       Donald Trump has his Mars return on the 31st August plus Saturn is triggering his Moon/Sun/Node. Extreme pressure on him.
•       3rd/4th September Mars triggers Solar Eclipse degree: more violence, aggressive attacks, natural disasters and a large earthquake.

As we’ve all now heard, North Korea has tested a H bomb which actually also triggered an earthquake.

Unfortunately, there is still more to come.

Mercury stations direct on the 5th September and will reignite the eclipse degree on the 7th/8th September.



As I also pointed out, this would trigger Trump’s Asc/Mars and would put him under extreme pressure.



If you recall from my videos and earlier posts I showed the geodetic solar maps for the Solar Eclipse, I’ve included a close-up below. You can clearly see that this is the zone under the planetary radar at the moment.



Mercury the messenger, will activate the zone all over again on the 7th/8th September depending on your location. For North Korea it will happen on the 8th Sept at 8.27 am, whereas for Washington, DC it will be the 7th Sept at 7.27 pm.



Keep alert and safe.




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