Forecasting Planetary Cluster Dates

Gold Dates 2017HSI cluster 2017How is it possible for planets to give us Time and Price?

That is the enigma of Gann Astro-Trading!

This is one of my favourite Gann quotes

Time Price Gann

Over the 12 years that I’ve been studying and applying Gann’s techniques,

I’m always amazed at how it can possibly work.

I developed my OM’s Harmonic Indicator in 2005 using what I had gained from Gann

and what I already understood regarding planetary harmonics.

I published these dates for Gold and HSI before Jan 2017 using OM’s Harmonic Indicator.

Keep an eye out for the 29th May.

If you don’t know why please cast a chart.

An Important price level will create resistance.

If you can tell me, please write to me and make me happy!

I’ll be teaching how to calculate these dates and Price levels

at my Hong Kong Workshop on 10th June 2017.

please contact Teresa Wong for more details.

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1 Response to Forecasting Planetary Cluster Dates

  1. sia g says:

    Hi Thanks for your email. I am fascinated with your work….wish I could attend hongKong seminar and learn more. What is your Gann chart saying about gold on 29 May? Thanks Denise

    Sent from my cherished iPad

    “Just keep swimming.” -Nemo 🐠💦


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