999 I see Red, I see Red, I see RED 999

From my last post

“In the next couple of days, we can expect a major shift in energy and the activation of the past.

9th September Jupiter ingresses into Libra – the sign of justice.

9th September, Mars activates 8th March Solar Eclipse.

10th September, Saturn squares Neptune”.




Since I last posted this above S&P500 chart, price had stationed in a very narrow price

tunnel under the 1×4 until time squared a major top on the 6th/7th September.

Finding these dates is part of my teachings in my workshops, we had this date and others in the future already plotted.

Next up is the mega lunar eclipse on the 16th/17th- depending where you live.

This forthcoming lunar Eclipse is also  perigee!

If you haven’t watched my video, here is the link


I see more RED.

22/23rd September at the Libra Ingress, Mars reaches its highest southern declination at -26 degrees.

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