9th September (9)  2016 (9)
999 Day of completion.
when you add 9 to other numbers
they don’t change, because it is like zero.
All cardinal points add up to nine.

In essence 9 equals .111111111111111111 x 360 = 40
40 days in the wilderness
40 days in the ark
40 years in the desert.

40degrees is called a Novile
the 9th Harmonic is called the Navamsha in Vedic astrology.
Its like a 9th house chart, showing growth, expansion and spirituality ruled by Jupiter the GURU.

In the next couple of days, we can expect a major shift in energy and the activation of the past.
9th September Jupiter ingresses into Libra – the sign of justice.
9th September, Mars activates 8th March Solar Eclipse.
10th September, Saturn squares Neptune.

Will it be a 9 day for you?
It depends on the year you were born.
If you were born in a 9 year, then it will be a 9 day for you.!



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4 Responses to 999

  1. Rahim says:

    I am born on 9th October 1976 anything good for me

  2. Norma says:

    I’m not sure I understand the 9 day if you were born in a 9 year. I assume that means the year is divisible by 9 with no remainder. But, then does that mean it will be a positive or a negative experience. If you’re saying it pertains to spirituality, that often means there is a rough lesson involved. Is that correct?

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