The next 45 days

Mars goes Out of Bounds south on the 8th August ( seasonal mid-season) and reaches his maximum south -26.00 on the 23rd September, the Libra ingress or Autumn/Spring equinoxes depending which hemisphere you live in.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction will square the 1st September Solar Eclipse degree on the 23rd/24th August, highlighting the lower meridian over Washington, DC.

The lower meridian IC in a mundane chart represents the land, the people, crops, mines, property and buildings. A planet close to the cusp of this house may influence weather according to its nature. A malefic may afflict the Government through its opposition to the 10th house.

Mars and Saturn are both regarded as malefics and thus very unfortunate for the government. Riots, crimes, murder and outrages increase. Some very eminent person may die or be assassinated.  Mars brings fires, accidents, disturbances with mines, houses, quarries and agriculture. On the cusp, increased heat, drought and earthquakes. Saturn on the 4th is again unfortunate for the government and masses of people. If badly aspected, there maybe earthquakes, accidents in mines and the fall of buildings.

Barack Obama’s natal chart is dangerously afflicted by this Mars/Saturn/Eclipse/Neptune signature at 9 Mutable.

88 188 288 388 488 588 688 788 888 988 10

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3 Responses to The next 45 days

  1. Olga, Your post is really so informative. I guess 9 of mutable degrees is pretty popular now. I have 9 virgo in my chart…. 4th house. I should stay home during the eclipse also, but with it in the 4th house, maybe I’ll go to London in your place. lol However, I just experienced Saturn squaring my Mars, I broke my lower back rigt==and Thank you for your expertise. BTW, I’m an astrology teacher here in Delray Beach, FL

    Barbara Ruzzene

  2. dwidip says:

    East or West Olga is the best

  3. roxanne says:

    wow — hah! i have sun at 9 degree virgo, the eclipse is right on my birthday, and i’m a new moon child natally! its in my 9th house.. i live abroad, and that sagstuff here is in the 9th! i’ll be travelling, and on the trigger days i’m recording what some say is my best song, written in 1978! death & fame? hah..

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