The Mutable cross has dissolved the union.

Britain joined the EU on Jan 1 1973.

See the chart attached, it is a Bi-wheel showing the when Britain joined the EU

with the Transits today on the outside wheel for the Brexit.

First look at the natal chart of EU joining, 5 planets are in a Stellium in Sagittarius and in opposition is Saturn in Gemini.

Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs, therefore under the influence of the current Mutable cross.

Actually, if you convert the bi-wheel to 90 degrees, the current midpoints tell a very specific story.

You see the current Saturn/Neptune square (which dissolves structure/boundaries/borders) equals the natal Saturn/Neptune.

From my previous posts and OM’s planetary Watch

“Saturn square Neptune is the suffering, sickness and depression combination. With Jupiter in the picture,

Ebertin wrote

“Pessimism, lack of confidence, a feeling of being abandoned by one’s luck. Plans which come to nothing, disappointments and losses”.

Saturn/Neptune brings drought. Jupiter/Neptune brings flooding.

In my last email, I asked what planets may have been involved in a 43-year transit?

Look at the bi-wheel, you can see that Uranus is currently opposite the natal Uranus, this is half its 84-year cycle. Then, consider Saturn has travelled 1.5 times its cycle and is opposite itself in Sagittarius.

Pluto is also conjunct the natal Node/Jupiter, which shows transformation in the destiny and associations. The current Nodal axis is also square the natal Saturn, the planet of separation.

As I pointed out in my Cancer Ingress Chart, that Saturn was on the MC over London, relates to the whole season (90 days).

To quote from my blog

For this Cancer Ingress, Saturn is culminating (MC) over London and Europe. The MC is exactly conjunct Antares, the heart of the Scorpion.

3 days before the Brexit Referendum.


The 10th house represents: The Monarch or President, the Government, people in authority. Royalty. National trade. The national reputation, credit and power.

Since Saturn in the 10th House is afflicted within the Mutable cross, this augurs negatively for the Government.

Unpopularity, lack of support, serious difficulties, danger of defeat of the Government or a general election.

David Cameron may be forced to exit No.10 Darling St.

The current Sat/Nep square = his natal Moon/Sun and Mars/Saturn.

These are very negative/depressive transits if he’s trying to regain support and power.

A day to remember for sure.

The Markets are RED.

I don’t know who picked the date for this vote, but it sure does not look like a random date.

3 days after the Summer Solstice the 24th June was St John the Baptist feast day – very significant to the Masons and exactly opposite Christmas (symbolic birth of Jesus).

Remember the fate of St John the Baptist!

Be aware and alert.

I did warn you about this Mutable Madness in my OM’s Planetary Watch – hope you took notice! And not part of the landslide in RED.

There’s more to come!







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