Timing Danger

Today we hear more frightening news of Terror Attacks in Brussels.

I warned a close friend of mine of travel danger from the 13th-30th March, and in that time we’ve already seen the horrific terror attacks in Ankara Turkey 13th March  and Brussels on 22nd March.

I feel sick in the stomach if I don’t warn all my followers.

I have spent the whole day researching the planetary triggers at these terrorist attacks to pinpoint the common planetary pictures. With this study I have found some common midpoint structures linking all the Terrorist attacks in the past few years and even 911.

With this knowledge, I have created a model using Timing Solution to project the times when these triggers re-occur. My aim is to inform you of the dangerous times ahead, so you can plan when best to travel and not. Peaks indicate a higher chance of violence and terror.

The peak dates are listed on the graph below, remember there is always orb allowance with aspects. 7 days before and after is a closest orb allowance.

Forewarned and forearmed.

Keep Safe. Danger Periods


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