OM’s Planetary Watch for 2016

Here is an example of how planetary phenomena can coincide with market reactions.

Looking back at 2015, with two methods I include in my Planetary Watch.

Om’s Planetary Harmonic indicator shows the level of hard aspects between planets. The higher the peak the more intensity and often the more chance of a major reaction. The graph is not directional instead more a timing indicator for CIT’s – changes in trend.

OM's 2015

The next graph shows the level of planetary retrograde motion in 2015. You can clearly see the highest reading timed the the beginning of the downward spiral. Interestingly for 2015, the the peaks in my OM’s planetary Indicator and the Rx peaks occurred in the same window of time.

OM's 2015 Rx

For updated charts for 2016 and much more, I have recorded my OM’s planetary Watch

Included is a one hour video outlining all you need to know about the upcoming planetary phenomena, with slides.

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