Notes from Gann

180 Sat

On the 3rd Sept 1929 Saturn was 23 Sag 55, the high just before the 1929 Great Crash which lead to the Great Depression. This degree then becomes a pivot especially for monthly analysis. In his ephemeris, Gann noted that on the 1st May 1944, Saturn would be 180 or opposite itself, at 23 Gem 55. This is a half cycle or 2nd Harmonic of the Saturn cycle of 29.5 years.

Sagittarius and Gemini are mutable signs and have a specific pattern for the Dow Jones, which I explain more in my newest presentation The Prophetic 7 year Shemitah Cycle and the Blood Moons. You will learn the Astrological cycles behind the biblical Shemitah 7 year cycle.

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