Mars will trigger the Uranus/Pluto midpoint this month

To quote from my June Transit Watch,

” Mars will trigger the Uranus/Pluto midpoint this month, like in April, however this time Mars is moving direct and has more power- key   dates 14th and the 25th.

  • Mars=Uranus/Pluto is very intense , aggressive and explosive energy, so we would expect to hear about more world violence and natural disasters- this can rattle the markets.

plus from the Full Moon on the 13th June, “Mars is also direct and square Pluto bringing with it intense force, violence and aggression.

There will likely be more world violence around this Full Moon”,

Äs Mars has been applying to the Uranus/Pluto – the violence in IRAQ has escalated at an aggressively alarming rate. if you look at the price of oil, it is surging. With some Gann analysis, Time has Squared price and therefore broken out of the square right on cue and the 61.8% level or Gann’s 5/8ths. Statistically, peak oil price coincide with Jupiter in Cardinal signs.


See the next slide of the Jupiter cycle and crude oil, it has reached the peak. So a breakout to the downside is quite possible as Jupiter moves in Leo.


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