Planetary Clusters and PRICE LEVELS


W.D.GANN discovered the Planetary alignments not only gave you TIME but also PRICE! Here is a current example for the S&P 500 on one of my cluster dates for August 2013.


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1 Response to Planetary Clusters and PRICE LEVELS

  1. Sam says:

    Hi Olga

    Yes the period 27 – 30 Aug had a heavy Venus influence.

    I noticed price was indeed at Venus, and the aspects
    Venus Opp Uranus,
    Venus Sq Jup &
    Venus Sq Pluto

    Managed to stop price from falling and in fact turn the market.

    I also noticed Venus (price) held up the SP back in Jun 2013. Nice turn there also.

    Im still referring to the manual from the course in Melb earlier this year, so much to read and retain.

    Hope alls well.

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