19 Years ago and Earthquakes

Olga Morales 2012

If you have been following my blog and watched my You Tube video regarding the Eclipse Season and Mars Out of Bounds, you were alerted to the intensity of the next 2 months (August/Sept).

I highlighted the 23rd/24th (depending on which hemisphere you live) August as the day Mars would join Saturn and square the Eclipse degree.

There have been three +6 Magnitude earthquakes.

Indonesia, Central Italy and another in Burma.

If you recall in my video, I mention the 19 year Metonic Cycle and looking back at 1997, was the time Princess Diana died, one day before a Solar Eclipse.

This forthcoming eclipse on the 1st September 2016 is at the same degree.

In 1997, there was also another devastating Earthquake in central Italy – Marche, Umbria.

This time, at the moment the Earthquake struck central Italy – the Moon = Mars/Uranus/Saturn.

42 hours from this moment, the Moon will be opposite Mars/Saturn/Neptune/Eclipse

Exact time is 25th august 5.01.05pm UT or 26th August 3.01.05 am AEST (Melbourne)

The Sun is the Day

The Moon is the Hour

The Ascendant is the minute.

Midheaven is the Location.

Looking back at other Earthquakes locations in 1997




Philippine Islands

Santa Cruz Islands

Windward islands

North Iran


Southern India


South Fiji Islands

Central Italy – Marche Umbria

Southern Greece

Central Chile

Northern Peru


Source: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqarchives/significant/sig_1997.php

If you haven’t watched my video, this is the link




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Regulus : The Royal Regulator of Time

Reg1RegREg 4Reg 2Reg 3reg 6Reg5

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133 years ago

On the 26th August, Krakatau erupted in 1883, in one of the largest eruptions in recent time. It erupted 8 days after a Full Moon on the 18th August 1883. This Full Moon was at 25 degrees of Aquarius, the same degree as the Full Moon penumbral eclipse we just experienced 2 days ago on the 18th August 2016.

In 133 years we have 7 x 19 ( Metonic Cycle).

The current Full Moon penumbral Lunar Eclipse on the 18th August in 2016

is a Metonic cousin of the Full Moon before the Volcanic eruption of Krakatoa in 1883.

The stand out transit is Saturn will be opposite at 9 Sagittarius with

Mars joining him on the 24th August.

This is only 2 days before the 133 year anniversary.


Kraka 1Kraka 2Kraka 3Kraka 4Kraka 5kraka 6Kraka 7Kraka 8Kraka 9Kraka 10Kraka 11Kraka 12Kraka 13

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Eclipse Timing

ET 1ET 2ET 3ET 4ET 5ET 6ET 7ET 8ET 9ET 10ET 11

More about my Advanced course at link below.


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The next 45 days

Mars goes Out of Bounds south on the 8th August ( seasonal mid-season) and reaches his maximum south -26.00 on the 23rd September, the Libra ingress or Autumn/Spring equinoxes depending which hemisphere you live in.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction will square the 1st September Solar Eclipse degree on the 23rd/24th August, highlighting the lower meridian over Washington, DC.

The lower meridian IC in a mundane chart represents the land, the people, crops, mines, property and buildings. A planet close to the cusp of this house may influence weather according to its nature. A malefic may afflict the Government through its opposition to the 10th house.

Mars and Saturn are both regarded as malefics and thus very unfortunate for the government. Riots, crimes, murder and outrages increase. Some very eminent person may die or be assassinated.  Mars brings fires, accidents, disturbances with mines, houses, quarries and agriculture. On the cusp, increased heat, drought and earthquakes. Saturn on the 4th is again unfortunate for the government and masses of people. If badly aspected, there maybe earthquakes, accidents in mines and the fall of buildings.

Barack Obama’s natal chart is dangerously afflicted by this Mars/Saturn/Eclipse/Neptune signature at 9 Mutable.

88 188 288 388 488 588 688 788 888 988 10

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84 Years Ago

84 years ago on the 31st August 1932 there was a Solar Eclipse visible over NYC.

W.D. Gann’s novel, The Tunnel Thru the Air (TTTA) finishes on this date.

The Solar Eclipse on the 1st September 2016 is connected to this eclipse, exactly 84 years and 1 day difference.

8484 284 184 4

Watch my new video via my website

Solar Eclipse 1st September 2016 and 84 years ago

The next two months are going to be mega intense.

Be aware.


PDF of all slides in video below.

SE 1sept 2016

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Symmetry Tells the Story

The current High in S&P 500
is a symmetrical intersection
from the 1:4 line extending from the Nov 3 2015 High
and the 2;1 line from the low on the 20th Jan 2016.
S&P 500 2016
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