April cluster dates and results

Aussie Spi april Results Aussie Spi cluster date April Gold Cluster dates April 2015 results Gold Cluster dates April 2015


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Out of Bounds Planets (OOB’S)

Planetary Declination is often called the hidden dimension.

Taken from the celestial equator, the swings of the planets north and south of the equator

reveal symbolic summer and winter cycles of growth and decay.

Sometimes, planets travel beyond the boundary of the SUN are said to be Out of Bounds (OOB’s).

Venus peaks out of bounds North in declination on the 10th May 2015-

becoming an unstable maverick, often coinciding with stock market corrections and currency volatility.

OOB1 oob2 oob3 oob4 oob5 oob6

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The Bible is full of astrological symbolism.

W.D.Gann instructs you to read it a least 3 times and he called it the greatest book ever written.

“Robert had gone deeply into the Bible study in order to learn more about the great science of Astrology”.

W.D.Gann page 213 ‘The Tunnel thru the Air”.

Here are some of my insights on the symbolism of Easter and the upcoming Blood Moon.

Death 1 Death 2 Death 3 Death 4 Death 5 Death 6

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Symbolism of the Sun’s Annual Cycle

Sun's annual cycle.

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49 year cycle and the Shemitah cycle.

“7” is the fatal number referred to many times in the Bible and it is ruled by the planet Saturn, which brings about contractions, depression and panics.

Seven times 7 equals 49, which is shown as a fatal year, causing extreme fluctuations.”

  • W.D. Gann

2015-49 = 1966

7×7 is Septimal law

in 1966 Saturn was in Pisces a Mutable sign and also a Shemitah year, have a look back at 1966.

Learn more about this cycle in my latest presentation

2015 The Prophetic 7 Year Shemitah cycle and Blood Moons


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Notes from Gann

180 Sat

On the 3rd Sept 1929 Saturn was 23 Sag 55, the high just before the 1929 Great Crash which lead to the Great Depression. This degree then becomes a pivot especially for monthly analysis. In his ephemeris, Gann noted that on the 1st May 1944, Saturn would be 180 or opposite itself, at 23 Gem 55. This is a half cycle or 2nd Harmonic of the Saturn cycle of 29.5 years.

Sagittarius and Gemini are mutable signs and have a specific pattern for the Dow Jones, which I explain more in my newest presentation The Prophetic 7 year Shemitah Cycle and the Blood Moons. You will learn the Astrological cycles behind the biblical Shemitah 7 year cycle.


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Mars cycle and Oil

Statistics for the Mars cycle on Crude oil data from 1983.

Mars in Sagittarius 81% down

Mars in Capricorn 77% down

Mars in Aquarius 87.5% down

The vertical panels in the chart below show the periods when Mars was transiting Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.

The curved green line represents 16 cycles of Mars for Crude oil since 1983.

Mars OIL

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Moon Wobble , January Transit watch Update and more…………………

In the two weeks window before the culmination of the Moon wobble :

Missing Air Asia flight QZ8501 and the Greek Ferry Fire disaster and other extreme weather all over the world. The moon wobble period is still active until the 12th January. Terrorist attacks in Paris occurred during Moon Wobble.

mw jan

An update from my January Transit Watch

Jan 2015

The Dow Jones dropped 663 points from the 5th-6th Jan

jan 2015 2

Next date to watch when Mars triggers the Blood Moon on the Monday the 12th January

Mars BM

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Your Personal Numerological Year

Num 1 Num2 Num3 Num4 Num6 Num7

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Moon Wobble Season

This is the Moon Wobble Season, two weeks before the 5th January and 1 week after.

During the Moon Wobble periods Time and Space are unstable.

More disasters happen.

Moon Wobble

Moon Wobble

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