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This video is really great at explaining more about 432, sacred geometry and the cosmos.

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The Balance is Overturned

The next 7 days we can expect the unexpected with a forceful punch included. The killer instinct is activated to the max. Emotions are stirred up like the oceans tides and tensions boil over with the heat and force of Mars and Pluto, gods of war and the underworld.

Mars will conjoin Pluto on the 19th October, which is the 29th Anniversary of Black Monday and also, the date of the 3rd Presidential debate between Clinton and Trump.

The gloves are out for this one!


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Chronus squares the Dragon on 8th October


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Happy Equinox

The Libra ingress in the Northern Hemisphere is called the Fall, not only because of the Autumn leaves falling from the trees, it is also the fall point of the Sun on the equator, moving southward in declination.

It was the point of Judgement.

In Egyptian iconography, it was the Goddess Maat weighing the heart of the dead against the feather of truth in the underworld.

Today we are 180 degrees away from the Dawn of the 7th Day, the end tail of the Dragon.

The 21st March 2017 is the beginning of a new 3024 year cycle.

Saturn in Aries is the new Lord of the first 36 years – last time was in 1008BC.

More in my book



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Update on Gold and S&P500

Today, Gold opened on the 1:1 line  and bounced where Time and Price had squared outlined in my previous post at 240 and 90 degrees on the SQ9.


The S&P 500 is currently in a difficult position under the 2×1 from the Brexit low and under the Lunar Eclipse square Mars cluster approaching a square out time cluster date on the 23rd September with strong resistance at 2156-2160.


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Gold supported by Time.

Gold is currently sitting on a pivotal point in both Time and Price on the day

of the Lunar Eclipse.

Gann wrote when Time and Price are square, expect a change in trend.

Future squaring dates are the 4th, 15th and 30th October.


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The FED and Rates


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