New Moon Mutable Grand Cross.

Mutable 1

Mutable 2


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Looking back at Forecasting with W.D. Gann.

Looking back at Gann’s Soy Bean Chart

I recorded this video analysis in 2010 ( click the link above), inspired by Gann’s hand drawn Soy Bean chart.

May Soy

Six years later I have updated the chart to see the continued workings of the Mars/Jupiter cycle on Soy Beans.


Mars conjunct Jupiter Soybeans

I will going into more detail about this chart and Gann’s working at my forthcoming Brisbane workshop 9th-10th July.


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Mars RX = Uranus/Pluto

MArs 1Mars 2MArs3Mars4

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Maverick Mars


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Timing Danger

Today we hear more frightening news of Terror Attacks in Brussels.

I warned a close friend of mine of travel danger from the 13th-30th March, and in that time we’ve already seen the horrific terror attacks in Ankara Turkey 13th March  and Brussels on 22nd March.

I feel sick in the stomach if I don’t warn all my followers.

I have spent the whole day researching the planetary triggers at these terrorist attacks to pinpoint the common planetary pictures. With this study I have found some common midpoint structures linking all the Terrorist attacks in the past few years and even 911.

With this knowledge, I have created a model using Timing Solution to project the times when these triggers re-occur. My aim is to inform you of the dangerous times ahead, so you can plan when best to travel and not. Peaks indicate a higher chance of violence and terror.

The peak dates are listed on the graph below, remember there is always orb allowance with aspects. 7 days before and after is a closest orb allowance.

Forewarned and forearmed.

Keep Safe. Danger Periods


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Eclipse Disasters


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Marching into March

March 1March 2MArch 3

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Gann’s Law of Vibration

From my e-book  Dawn of the 7th Day


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Solar Eclipse 8th March from OM’s Planetary Watch

From my OM’s Planetary Watch 2016, I commented on the forthcoming Solar Eclipse, the centre pathway goes right through Indonesia.
As you know from my teachings of Gann, Eclipses are linked to natural disasters especially Earthquakes.

This Solar Eclipse was in the 2nd Decan of Pisces rules by Jupiter:Causes the death of some famous and excellent man: The destruction of fish, tidal waves and inundations.

Indonesia: Magnitude-7.9 Earthquake Strikes Southwest of Sumatra; Tsunami Warning Issued, USGS Says
The earthquake struck at 7:49 p.m. local time Wednesday, the US Geological Survey said. The epicenter was located about 500 miles from Padang, Indonesia.

Listen here:


Solar Eclipse 8th March 2016


Solar Eclipse 8th March 2016

SE8th March 2016 Indonesia Earthquake

Want to know about the rest of the year.

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OM’s Planetary Watch for 2016

Here is an example of how planetary phenomena can coincide with market reactions.

Looking back at 2015, with two methods I include in my Planetary Watch.

Om’s Planetary Harmonic indicator shows the level of hard aspects between planets. The higher the peak the more intensity and often the more chance of a major reaction. The graph is not directional instead more a timing indicator for CIT’s – changes in trend.

OM's 2015

The next graph shows the level of planetary retrograde motion in 2015. You can clearly see the highest reading timed the the beginning of the downward spiral. Interestingly for 2015, the the peaks in my OM’s planetary Indicator and the Rx peaks occurred in the same window of time.

OM's 2015 Rx

For updated charts for 2016 and much more, I have recorded my OM’s planetary Watch

Included is a one hour video outlining all you need to know about the upcoming planetary phenomena, with slides.

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