Ring of Fire to be ignited.


From my research into timing Earthquakes, the planetary alignments which are currently forming suggest the occurrence of a Major Earthquake along the Pacific Rim of Fire from the 24th-30th April 2018.

Of course I could be wrong!

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Mars = Saturn/Pluto 14th April 2018


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Trump’s Cosmic Midpoint Map 2018

Trump's CMM 2018I have plotted Trump’s CMM- Cosmic Midpoint Map
May, June and July will be full on pressure, stress and turmoil likely to affect his status and health.

More about my CMM reports at my website

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Paschal Moon and the Passover

P1010859P1010862P1010864P1010865P1010880P1010885P1010891The most important ecclesiastical calculation is that of Easter. Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the full moon following the Spring Equinox. At the Spring Equinox the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries the RAM and Lamb of God. The Full Moon at Easter is called the Paschal Moon – Pasqua.

The Passover was celebrated when the Sun rose from the depths of winter or hell/wilderness/exile above the equator at the spring Equinox- hence the Passover the equator. At the Spring Equinox, the cardinal cross marks the squares of the Earth. All Solar Heros re-enacted the passage of the Sun dying and the resurrecting like Osiris in Egypt.

In 2013, I visited Saint Sulpice Church in Paris which was made famous in the Da Vinci code. The Rose Line or Paris Meridian is lit by sunlight defining the exact time of Easter on the Gnomon marked by a brass strip on the floor of the church.


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Unstable Time and Space

wolf 7wolf8Nodes Eclipse 2018

More information about 2018 in my OM’s Planetary Watch


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Earthquake Indicator



My earthquake indicator is included in my OM’s Planetary Watch.

The 10th Jan is not the highest peak in 2018.



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Moon’s Daily Motion

“ If the Moon is fast, there’s lots of activity in the market, or if its slow, change is predicted.”

Jack Gillen.

Perigee: Moon closest to the Earth

Apogee: Moon farthest from the Earth

The cycle is 27.32166 days from perigee to perigee or apogee to apogee.

In the Moon’s monthly movement around the Earth, in perigee it is typically 15 degrees per day and in apogee around 12 degrees per day.

The Moon’s speed averages to 13 degrees per day.

Moon's daily motion


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