Watch these dates.

Forthcoming planetary alignments indicate an increase in global seismic activity. I have listed the dates of increased intensity and possible locations which stood out the most, there could be other locations close by with orb.

EQ's 2018

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These are my photos taken from my backyard in Eltham, Victoria, Australia.




Learn more about how to determine these dates into the future at my workshop, early bird ends 15th August 2018.





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Square of 9 Timing System

Learn how to determine these dates at my workshop
Session 7: Working with the Square of 9 and Planets.



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I see RED.


To read more click link below.

Total Lunar Eclipse 2018

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Eclipse Season

This eclipse season is going to be very harsh, with Pluto, Mars and Uranus involved in the planetary pictures. Collapses, breakdowns, violence, earthquakes, volcanoes, fires, heatwaves, electrical storms, natural disasters.   Shake, rattle and roll.   Be aware and take care.


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Coffee Statistics.

W.D. Gann had a natal chart for Coffee which has a Earth/Water signature with a heavy stellium in Fixed Taurus.Coffee natal Using Timing Solution software, which calculates the statistics for past correlations between planetary alignments and market reactions, it revealed that the highest statistic from 1972,  was Mars ingressing into Aquarius, which occurred on the 16th May 2018. See the chart below. Mars in Aquarius therefore squares the Taurus stellium and I’m wondering what Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years may mean for coffee prices. Looking back 84 years would take us to 1934-1941.

Coffee Mars in Aquarius


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15 Days of Waxing Electrical Heat

15th May15th May.JPG 215th May.JPG 315th May.JPG 4

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